Photo taken during Everest-Kalapathar Trek-thenomadicnepaliI am native to Rasuwa, Nepal, a district in the lap of Himalaya. I spent most of my childhood in the village of Syaphru Bensi, with a hardworking family. My father being a farmer used to cover a long distance everyday to reach a piece of land we owned and I used to accompany him.

The mountains in the north have had a deep impression in my heart and soul since my early childhood. My mother used to tell me legends about the great mountains in the Himalaya and I used to be filled with both admiration and awe. The legends and mythical characters fascinated me and soon the search for them was to change into a passion for life time.

I started my education in a school with limited facility. The school did not offer good education so my parents thought of admitting me in a school in Kathmandu, but their financial condition was a matter of pity. A year passed away in search of any opportunity to further my education and the hopes were bleak than ever. The only reason I clung on to my hope was because I always felt that I am destined for something better.

One day, with streak of fortune and blessing of god, I heard a voice from a stranger. He identified himself as Andrew Haxby and offered to help me with my education. My heart leapt with excitement, joy, hope and dreams ahead in my life. Andrew came to me as a divine blessing form the god himself. He with his mother, Barbara Haxby Brady arranged for my studies and few weeks later I packed my back and set for a new journey to Kathmandu, the first and the most important.


In 2010, reached summit of  Island Peak(6189m),Nepal on 22 October.
In 2011, Great Himalaya Trail(2000km) solo journey for 128 days (First and the youngest person to cross Nepal in solo style)
In March 15, 2013, successfully completed trekking guide training and certified as grade “A” trekking guide.
Currently, I am undergraduate (2012-2015) student of Environment Management at School of Environment Science and Management (SchEMS) affiliated to Pokhara University.



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