Day 32: Seduwa to Choyang

As Belgium group couldn’t make success to walk to MBC, they had some extra days. After knowing that I was going through unbeaten trail across Walung-Choyang-Sankhuwa Dovan,they decided to walk together with me for few days more. We walked together. After 3 hours of knee paining descend we reached to Ipsuwa Khola then we had lunch at open place after walking for one more hours. Finally 2:30 minutes of walking made our way too Choyang. Choyang is Rai village.

Day 33: Choyang to Chongduwa Khola


After walking for 2:30 minutes we reached to Pukhuwa Khola where we had lunch together. Nearby the river, we came across Rai vilage. 4:15 minutes more walk, reached to  Chongduwa Khola. We made our tents in unfarmed field nearby the river.The day consisted walk through Cliffside, landslide area and mostly it was jungle walk. Looking at the trail, we could easily assume that very less people walk through this way.Arun Nadi was all time our companion.


Day 34: Chongduwa Khola to Gothe Bazaar


I had breakfast with guide and kitchen staffs of the group. It was my last breakfast with them. After walking for 2:15 minutes, we reached to Sankhuwa Khola Dovan.From here, the group separated from me. They continued their trail towards Khandbari whereas I headed towards Gothe Bazaar. After walking uphill for 2:30 minutes I reached to Kulung High School,Kulung. 1:30 minutes more walk towards narrow trail across unfarmed field took me to Chaukidanda. Finally after 1:30 minutes descend, reached to Gothe Bazaar.It was long walk for me. Gothe Bazaar is Rai village with few houses. You can find few local shops.


Day 35: Gothe Bazaar to Jaubari


After having Noodles soup, I headed towards next destination, Jaubari;Sherpa village. My shoulder was bit in pain but I continued walking, after 2:45 minutes I reached to Dhobane and 2:30 minutes toTendo where I had lunch, regular Dhal Bhat .After crossing Irkhuwa river,in 30 minutes I reached toPhedi.After Phedi it was hard walk ahead of me. I had to climb steep uphill for 2:30 minutes to reach guest house in Jaubari.In the middle of walk I was very hungry and neither I had some biscuits left with me nor I could find a hotel to eat. In base of the village, majority of people were Rais whereas at the top of hill, I found Sherpas.There was monastery in the village and camping site.

“I am tirrrred….”

Day 36: Jaubari to Gudel via Salpa Bhanjyang(3352m)


I was climbing steep uphill staircase across the jungle. Meantime I recalled staircase of Swoyambhunath Temple in Kathmandu.1: 30 minutes more walk across Cliffside of hill and jungle walk took me to a place named Bilbatte. While walking through the Cliffside, it was windy so kinds of fear stroke my heart. If I fell down, one and only destination would be death. After 1:30 minutes more ascend led me to Salpa Bhanjyang at the altitude of 3352m.After the Bhanjyang, the trail was slippery to descend down due to presence old snow and ice. But my careful and slow steps made my way to Wakha in 1:20 minutes. In about three hours walk I made to Gudel;big Rai village.You can find local shops, camping site, guesthouses, school in Gudel.


Day 37: Gudel to Khiroule

My stomach was not in good condition but I wanted to walk where I could reach. After short visit to parents from my best friend, Lokendra Rai, I started descending down to Honggu Khola bridge at 9:30 am. After an hour of going down, I reached to the bridge. Then it was time to climb up for 1:30 minutes to reachBung. After slow and steady walk of 2:30 minutes I arrived at Himalayan Lodge in Khiroule.My destination was to reach Najingdingma but could not continue further walk due to my stomach problem.


Day 38: Khiroule to Pangom


My stomach was little ok so; I continued my trail taking a tablet of medicine for the stomach. I think I got the problem due to water because I drank water from any kind of resource available across my trail. So, guys you too be careful while drinking water. In about 2 hours ascend, I stepped to Surke La(3085m)but again I had to go down for an hour to reach bridge across Inkhu Khola and climb vertical uphill  for 2:30 minutes to reach Sibuje at the altitude of 2502m and one more hour to reach Pangom La(3174m) and go down for 30 minutes to reach Pangom. Pangom is sherpa village where you can find big monastery, school built by aid from sir Edmund Hillary. Then I was on Everest Base Camp trail.

“News as seen on wall of the guest house”


Day 39: Pangom to Surke


After breakfast, 2hrs walk led me to Kharte and 2:30 minutes more walk along the fairly dense forest and steep downhill descend would take me to Paiya for lunch.The view from Pangom La was beautiful. I could see Yak and Nak grazing,in addition mountains in the backgroud was breathetaking scenary.After walking for an hour,I saw network coverage on my cell and it was at the altitude of 2805m in Paiya La,thus,I spend for an hour using inetrnet to update information about me on my website. After  20 minutes descend, I stayed in first hotel I reached.