Day 125: Jumla to Neurigad

“Danphe Lagna”

The weather was cloudy and slowly it began to rain. The trail was muddy which made me difficult to walk. Till Dhanphe Lagna (3720m),it was steep ascend which took me 4 hours. But descending was much more tougher due to muddy trail and I mistook my foot many time. Not fun…..really its not fun…After struggling to overcome muddy trail for three hours, i made my way to Neurigad.


Day 126: Neurigad to Rara Lake


"First sight of Rara Lake.."
“First sight of Rara Lake..”

Thank God, the weather was good. After tea and biscuits, I walked ahead. In 3.5 hours walking I reached to Daba leaving Chautha behind. From Daba,you could go to Gamgadhi;headqaurter of Mugu or Rara Lake.My destination was Rara Lake so I had to take left route within forest and climb up to the hill but didn`t know what exactly the hill was called.The hilltop is rewarding viewpoint to witness marvelous Rara lake. Then descent down along the forest and reached to pastureland next to Lake where I saw lots of sheep’s grazing in the field. It was superb view and I felt like I was in heaven. It was 5 hours walk to reach Rara lake from Daba. Rara Lake is the largest lake in Nepal at the altitude of 2990m.



Day 127 : Rara Lake to Talcha Airport to Nepalgunj

"Talcha Airstrip"
“Talcha Airstrip”

From Rara Lake to Talcha airport it was 2.5 hour of easy walk.

“Last dispatch from Talcha airport.”


June 3, 2011 and here I am at the Talcha airport, Mugu. It is not a big airport, and has a graveled run-way, quite scary when I first saw it for myself. I know for sure that the take off is not going to be a smooth one. On the side of the runway were the remains of air Kasthamandap, the last thing you don`t want to see before you fly.
I feel rapture in my heart and mind; some sort of peace and desire to be back home has filled me with excitement. My tummy grumbles with joy, and I say just few more hours left for my mother’s gourmet cooking. It has been more than 120 days without a good meal, I have lost some 6 kg.
Finally, here I am on the plane at noon, flying towards Nepalgunj where I am to take a bus to Kathmandu…..

” After 128 days”
“Its beginning of the end. See you in next adventure”



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