Day 40: Surke to Lukla


It was short walk for me.It was two hours ascend to reach Lukla.Actually I was supposed to receive clothes in Lukla at Paradise Guest house.But when asked whether Moti dai was in hotel,the answer was no so I had to wait for him to get the clothes.I tried to contact him but couldn`t reach him,thus,I decided to stay in Lukla for a night and wait for him.It was good for me to get some  rest.Lukla is gateway to Khumbu region.when weather is good, though the airstrip is small and flight to Lukla is thrilling,the airport gets big busy with trekkers especially in the month of April and October.You can get lots of lodges ,restaurants,coffee shops,local bhattis,etc.


Day 41: Half day rest in Lukla and walk to Thade Koshi


I tried to contact Moti dai but still couldn`t reach him.I was bit worried.Around 11am ,I got call from him and he mentioned he would directly go to Thade koshi via Cheplung,thus,in hurry I ate my lunch and walked ahead to meet him.In Cheplung after waiting for while I encountered him with two old women from Holland and we headed together to Thade Koshi for  stay.It was bit cloudy and shoort rain shower.It took me 1:15 minutes walk to reach Thade Koshi from Lukla.Lukla airport was closed due to cloudy weather.It was strange when the weather was good in Lukla,it was bad in Kathmandu and vice versa.I came to know that weather can be bad for more than 10 consecutive days.I don`t think its good for tourist trekking in Khumbu region.So make sure you have some more extra days when you travel in Everest region.


Day 42: Thade Koshi to Jorsale


I threw my old pant which I wore for  more than a month.I was bit tired so I thought to slow down my walking,thus,I made my target to reach Jorsale which was 4 hours walk.I had lunch at Phakding before reaching to Jorsale.Everest trek was not cheap for me comparing to Kanchenjunga and Makalu region.


Day 43: Jorsale to Namche Bazaar


I started early in the morning at 6am to ascend uphill for Namche Bazaar.It was cool and I wasn`t sweating at all.Following Dudh koshi river till mid way and crossing long suspension bridge,it took me 3 hours to reach Namche Bazaar,trade center of Khumbu region.Here you can find big hotels,restaurants.Don`t be surprise to get bars at the altitude of 3443m and I loved eating Tuna sandwich at Namche Bakery,it was awesome.I met dutch boy  named Jeroen and we decided to continue further trail together.


Day 44:Namche Bazaar to Dhole


At 8am after having breakfast,we started our trip to Dhole.After 3 hours of gradual climbing in hillside trail,we reache to Mong La(3975m) for our lunch.The view of Mt.Amadablam(6900m) was gorgeous.I could see other mountains like Thamserku,Kangteka and many unnamed snowcaped hills and peaks.After lunch it was time to descend down for half an hour to reach Phortse Thanga then 2 more hours to reach Dhole.We walked across hillside trail,sometime across Rhododendron trees,overall  landscapes were marvelous.It was really nice and profitable to walk with Jereon because many thought I was guide for him so that either hotel owner wouldn`t charge me money for food or s/he would charge me less.Thanks to him and for my decision to walk together with him.I was saving some money.Here I met Austrian group,I had few minutes conversation with boy named Martin.He was really happy to discover about my project.When he knew I had no organisation sponsor and I was student,he gave me few hundreds and medcine as support for my trip.Thanks to him and his brother for paying me few hundreds.I appreciated their help as I was running out of money.


Day 45:Dhole to Gokyo

Though my destination was to reach Machermo,I decided to walk to Gokyo on same day.I thought it would save my time and cash.Machermo was just 3 hours walk from Dhole.Normally tourists stay here in Machermo to acclimatise with altitude and slowly continue to Gokyo(4700m).But I was acclimatised so it was not a problem at all.After having lunch at Machermo,we headed to Gokyo for 3:20 minutes.Last one hour was hard walk due to heavy wind.When I first reached to 1st lake,my fingers were dam cold but looking at some birds swimming in the lake,I think my coldness was collapsed.then after while we reached to Gokyo lake,it was frozen.On the way I saw peaks namely Cholatse,Tabuje.


Day 46:Visit to fourth lake


We had half day rest and after while I got boring staying at the lodge so we decided to go to 4th lake which was an hour walk north from Gokyo lake.I walked  along the snow and rocks.It was  fun and good exercise.We saw some foots prints on the way,at the beginning we thought either it was from Tibetan sheep or snow leopard but its funny as later on we discovered foot prints were from dog.Hahaha. After  taking few minutes rest and we headed back to Gokyo walking on the edges of hills.


Day 47: Climb Gokyo Ri (5360m) and walk to Thagnag


I could see some tourists heading towards Gokyo Ri(5360m) at 3:30 am.I thought they were carzy.Actually they were heading with hope to get good view of Mt.Everest(8848m) before clouds would cover it.But we started at 8am,in the mid way to the Ri we met few people coming down and they shared it was freezing cold up there and they couldn`t make good pictures as sunrise  was just behind the Everest.Around 10 am we reached to top of Gokyo Ri,it was miraculous.the weather was superb,no wind for while and we could take good picture of Everest.After taking few picture and filming for while ,wind began to blow so we descent down to Gokyo.then after having lunch,we crossing glacier ,we walked for two hour to reach Thagnag to ease up our ascend to Chola Pass(5368m) next day.


Day 48:Thagnag to Chola Pass(5368m) to Dzongla


I had toast with fried egg whereas Jereon had Noodles and we ascent for 2:30 minutes,then we reached to top of on hill,we assumed there would be no more ascend and ate Snicker chocolates but after walking for an hour  along the roacky trail,I saw few people descending down,so I was like “whhhaat??” since there was big hill to climb up.So we climbed for 1:30 minutes to reach Chola pass.The ascend was bit difficult due to small rocks on the ways which was slippery.Rocks were unstable,it could be danger of falling rocks.when we reached to Chola,the view was wonderful.Prayers flags and mountains in the background was superb.Then slowly we descent down to Dzongla for 2:30 minutes.after Chola,I felt so great to walk on snow whose underneath was thick ice/glacier.It was completely different world,so marvelous…so heaven.


Day 49:Dzongla to Gorakshep


We were bit tired of walking for 7 continues hour with toast and Snickers last day ,thus, we slept bit late in the morning.After breakfast ,3 hours of walking would lead us to hotel in Labuche for lunch.I had Chicken BBQ pizza,iot was big food for me.We were always surrounded by mountains and hill all the time.After lunch slow walk of 2:30 minutes took us to Gorakshep.On the way from Labuche to gorakshep,we made several stops to relax our body from getting exhausted.It was lazy walk but good one.

“Thats…The Everest;the highest mountain in the world”

Day 50:Climb to Kalapathar(5555m) and visit Everest Base Camp


It was coincidence that I was making Everest Base Camp on 50th day of Great Himalaya Trail journey.It made me very happy.In the morning we went to Kalapathar to see Everest and other mountains.I took 90 minutes to reach Kalapathar whereas I could see some people making less in time than me and some people walking for 3 hours to reach Kalapathar.The view was stunning and just can`t express by words.If you want to know about scenary then best idea is take flight to Lukla and trek here,its expressless.Then we went to Everest Base Camp,there we could see some tents.Obviously for preparation of Everest Expedition.Next thing is caravan of yaks headin to Everest Base to transport expedition gears and foods for climbers.You might think when I say Icefall was so beautifull but its  true Khumbu Icefall is excellent.I want to come back to EBC next time not for trekking but hopefully for Everest Expedition.Hope my dream come true.


Day 51:Gorakshep to Shomare


Now it was easy day coming back same way to Labuche and descend down to Shomare.It took us  7 hours to reach Shomare from Gorakshep.We passed Thukla and Pheriche to reach our destination.After Thukla,it was windy and cold till we reached to Shomare.for while felt happy to see clouds rising upwards but coldness would make me sad and next thing was I couldn`t see anything except just clouds.


Day 52:Shomare to Namche Bazaar


Weather was still bit cloudy but also some sunshine.We headed down to Phungi Thanga leaving Pangboche and Tengboche for our lunch.I had egg fried rice whereas Jereon was not feeling good with his stomach,he wanted to have Coke and cookies.Coke really works when your stomach is upset.3:30 minutes walk made our way to lunch camp and 2:30 minutes more walk would take us to Namche Bazaar again.I was bit tired ,thus,I decided to stay one more day in Namche Bazaar.


Day 53:Rest day in Namche Bazaar