Day 23:Rest day in Khandbari

It was Saturday and there was Saturday market day going on. At my first sight, I couldn’t believe that gathering of such a huge people. It resembled shopping at Ason (one of the busiest shopping spots in Kathmandu). I could see people selling vegetables, fruits, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc.It was busy day. People from other villages come for shopping especially on Saturday. I enjoyed my stay in Khandbari.

“Saturday Market in Khandbari”

Day 24: Khandbari to Gogar


I started my journey with small breakfast. After 1:20 minutes walk I reached to Mane Bhanjyang.Meanwhile I met few porters carrying backpacks of tourists heading towards Makalu Base Camp. As our trekking route was same, we moved together. I met Belgium tourists after 3.5 hours walk atGogar.Gogar is a place with two houses and camping site. I came across villages namely Arunthan andBhotebas to reach Gogar.


Day 25: Gogar to Num


Cook from the group offered me breakfast and we walked together but they took ahead as I was walking slowly carrying my heavy backpack. I hate walking on road. Entire day walk was along the road. I took 6:15minutes to reach Num. I crossed several Sherpa and Chetri villages to reach Num.I had my lunch atDeurali after walking for 3:25minutes from Gogar.In the evening, there was heavy rain. Num is Sherpa cum Chetri village where we can find local guesthouse, camping site, temporary police station and few small shops.

Day 26: Num to Seduwa


Due to last night’s rain I could see some hills covered by snows. After descending for 2:30 minutes in slippery trail for about 800m to reach Arun Nadi(river),it was again time to climb uphill for 5 hours more to reach Seduwa. Rai,Chetri and Sherpas are the inhabitants of Seduwa. Nationalities other than Nepali citizen should take Makalu Barun National Park entry ticket here that cost them Nrs.1000 each. You can find local guesthouse, camping site, school, and police station.


Day 27: Seduwa to Tashigaon


After walking for 2:30 minutes, I reached to Chyaska Danda where I visited primary school and enjoyed company of students. My backpack was lighter as compared to last days. This is because I left my electronic gears weighed about 5kg in Seduwa.After 3 hours hike, we reached to campsite in Tashigaon.Make sure you take lunch at Chyaska Danda or take pack lunch otherwise you won`t find lunch place between Chyaska Danda and Tashigaon.Tashigaon is sherpa village where you can find guest houses,bhattis(local place to drink local alcohols) and campsites.


“Solar Panel,thanks for keeping my battery alive”

Day 28: Tashigaon to Khongma(3562m)


Climbing for 3:30 minutes across fairly dense forests, reached to Danda Kharka. I was given pack lunch by the cook, so I enjoyed eating to re-energize my body. After walking 10 minutes more, we encountered snow on our trail so I put on GORE-TEX pant and walked ahead. Finally we reached to Khogma after walking for 3:15minutes more. It was big day for me. I mean I including others struggled a lot to reach our destination. Depth of snow ranged from 0.2ft-3ft.I slipped many times though sometime it was really funny situation and scary.


Day 29: In Khongma


Snowfall and sky covered by dense cloud made question on us whether to continue further trail or not?Journey to Makalu Base Camp(MBC) which was four days more trek.We walked some way checked the trail but heavy snow fall made us to return.There was no water, I mean it was frozen so we had to depend on snow. We cooked snow to drink water and cook food. At night I shared the floor of Kitchen of old guesthouse with other Nepali crews of the Belgium group. It was freezing cold night.



Day 30: Back to Tashigaon


We had to descend same way covered with snow. Fortunately, new snow was better to walk, as it was not slippery. After 4 hours we reached to Tashigaon.

“Sunrise view”

Day 31: Tashigaon to Seduwa


After walking for 4 hours I made my step to Seduwa again.I checked my stuffs which I left few days ago and everything was good in condition. I decided to stay there. I washed my clothes and had good rest.