Day 16: Rest day in Hangdewa

My hip was wounded due to my bags small sized belt stripe; thus, Moti dai and family requested me to take rest in their home for few days. I thought it was good idea.I woke up around 7:30am and had a milk tea. I cleaned my wound and put medicine on it. I look around the village, Hangdewa and agricultural field around. Then we had lunch around 11 am. After lunch I wanted to go to Phungling, Taplejung for Internet. I walked for an hour to reach Phungling.When I reached there was power cut off. Though I waited for hour and hour, still day was not for me to use Internet.


Day 17: In Hangdewa and Phungling

I thought it would be nice to rest one more day. Even today I went to Phungling  with hope to use Internet and write short notes to family and friends but the problem was same like day before ,no electric power. I came back to Hangdewa and talked with few locals and a teacher  from high school to explore more about the place and share some of my knowledge on climate change.


Day 18: Hangdewa to Dhovan

It was Feb 14; Valentines Day. I didn’t know it was V-Day until I got call from her. She supported me for my trip but was not really happy concerning that I would be away from her for long time. After few minutes of conversation, it was time for lunch. After having lunch around 10am,I was ready to walk to my next point. Bal-krishna and Laxman walked about half an hour with me and told go like this and that and so on. Then I was alone, walking within Alaichi field. Sometime I was lot inside it. I was walking down from the hills and sometime inside dense forest. Finally it took me around 2hrs to find right way. Then I was on almost straight way along Tamor Nadi (river).After about three hours slow walk I arrived to Dhovan.You can find local lodges and hotels. One good thing, you can also have good time at THE HIDE OUT RETREAT (campsite between Tamor river and Mew river). You can find school, police station, etc. It is village consisting ethnic groups Limbu, Sherpa, Chetri and others

“Now…I look indeed Nepali”

Day 19: Dhovan to Gorja


It was time for me to climb uphill. The trail consisted of some villages and forest walk. It was total 6.5hours slow walk for me. For first two hours I met Sherpa woman with her son as my companions but rest of the hours I had to walk alone. The ending trail consisted dense jungle walk. I recalled the suggestion from a man from Dhovan”Walk carefully. There is some jungle trail. You are walking alone and you might encounter some spoiled brats on the way.” Whenever I remembered this, a kind of fear grew in my heart. But there was nothing I could do except to trust on myself and continue the trail. In Gorja, you will mostly find Sherpa, Tamang people but you will also encounter Limbus and others too. Here you can find Gompa (monastry) and few local hotels.











“Gupha Pokhari(pond),Sankhuwasabha”











Day 20: Gorja to Gupha Pokhari


The trail was not really that long but real challenging. Challenging in sense that I had to walk completely across the jungle alone till I reach Gupha Pokhari (2900m). I walked around 7am and just after 20 minutes, it began to rain. Wrapped camera and covered my rucksack with plastic then headed inside jungle with big rain. After walking for 1.5hours,I could see hills covered with snow. After 15 minutes more walk, I was in the region of snow. Before snowfall, there was kind of fear like what if someone robes in middle of jungle and so on. After snowfall, I had great relief, my thinking might sound stupid but to be honest I questioned myself, who would dare to come to rob in such cold weather? More than that I love snow, I always considered little snowfall as wishing me good luck. But for sure when there is too much snowfall, its not good. When snow was covering my trail, there was question in my mind what if snow closes my way? Then finally after one hour I reached to Bhuje.There is one house in Bhuje.I saw few people t who wanted to head towards Gupha Pokhari but due to heavy snow, they couldn’t dare to continue there walk. I motivated and convinced them to walk together with me. We walked together till half an hour but after that they overtook me. It was still snowing. Due to heavy snow, I couldn’t see their footprints and I lost my way. I shouted but no one could hear. I walked blindly. After while I saw some people coming towards my direction. When I approached to them, they were team heading to Gorja.When I asked for way to Gupha Pokhari they said;”don`t worry, follow our footprint,now its no more snowing you will reach there about in 2 hours”. I thanked them and took my way. I slipped many time. Thank God…my hands and legs are alright except little scratch on thumb. When I reached Gupha Pokhari, I was almost frozen….my bag was covered by snow.Lots of thanks to hotel owner for providing cup of very hot Tibetan tea ( tea made from nak-butter and salt). The whole night was snowing and was windy. I couldn`t sleep properly. I was in Koshi zone leaving Mechi.

“We too need sun…its cold here”

Day 21:Gupha Pokhari to Chainpur

Gupha Pokhari was covered with snow in the morning. Thanks weather was clear. Unfortunately it was windy early in the morning. You can find small lake, few lodges , school, police station, Kirana Pasal(small shops),etc.You find Sherpas in this village.I could see good view of mountain ranges. Clicking photoes were not easy job due to coldness. My fingers were in zero degrees. I started my walk late then usual time. I had to descent down till Nundaki for 3 hours. The way was slippery and lost my footing many times which made some wounds my hand but nothing serious. Then I had noodles with double eggs at Gurung`s hotel then headed towards Chitlang and Pokhari.When I reahced to Pokhari it was around 5pm and I continued one and half hour walk to Chainpur.When I reached to Aasha hotel and lodge. Thanks to a teacher (I couldn’t remember name) who helped me to find guesthouse in darkness. I was so tired. I couldn’t move my legs and I had lots of pain, thus, I couldn’t resist eating a tablet of painkiller. After that I think I had some sleep but overall it was not a good sleep. Chainpur is big place, you can find lots of shops, schools, phone and internet service, medical, police station and Armed Police Force, etc.


Day 22: Chainpur to Khandbari










“Today we play for school,tomorrow for nation and moreover we play for fun”










Khandbari is headquarter of Shankuwasaba district and its gateway to Makalu Base Camp Trek. I woke up at 7 am and started my walk at 8am.Overall it was easy day for me. I walked for while on roadside. When I asked people said” You have to walk whole time along the road to reach Khandbari”. Landcruiser used as Taxi stopped next to me and driver asked, ”Where are you heading?” “Tumlingtar”;I wanted to avoid road walk so I took the taxi with other people heading to Tumlingter and drove for about 1.5hours to reach Tumlingtar airport. In the airport, I saw next taxi for Khandbari waiting for passengers .I thought why not go with taxi paying Rs.100.Then after an hour more drive I finally reached to Khandbari. Now I am in Makalu Base Camp Trail. You can expect more facilities as compared to Chainpur.