Day 118 : Ringmo Gaon to Chepka

Following the Phoksundo river and climbing  uphill and descending steep downward to reach the level of the river , leaving winter village named Polam behind, I reached  to  Jharana Hotel. Walking along the riverside trail and sometime chasing narrow trail across the hill for 7.5 hours, my destination of the day was Chepka.Between Jharana hotel and Chepka, there is no hotel for lunch so make sure you carry some pack lunch.



Day 119 : Chepka to Tripurakot

Followed southern trail to reach Sulighat for 4 hours. After lunch, crossing the river, I followed same river  flowing towards west to reach Tripurakot. Walking on under-construction road , it took me 4 more hours to reach Tripurakot.


Day 120 : Tripurakot to Godakhor

Leaving Bagar Bazaar of Tripurakot, I headed towards Ghodakhor.Locals said there are two ways to reach Ghodakhor one via Liku and next via Khati Bada. They said trail via Liku was shorter but it still took me 9 hours to reach Godhakhor  with my tortoise pace.






Day 121 : Godakhor to Chaurikot

Climbing upto Balangra Lagna(3760m),then it was time to descend down to reach Kaigaon(2610m) which was  5.5 hours away. Descending was not easy due my knee problem, so I had to slow down.During lunch break, a national park staff came towards me and inquired me about the permit. Even when I told I am Nepali and I do not need permit, he didn’t believe so I showed my driving license to prove  that I am Nepali.  Then I followed my way to Chaurikot soaking in rain.It took me 4.5 hours to reach Chaurikot.



Day 122 : Chaurikot to Chotro

Again from Chaurikot,it was time to climb till Maure Lagna(3894).I met some students from Dunai heading to Jumla to attend Karnali Technical School in Jumla.We walked together for while and they asked why I was carrying national flag and so on..After about an hour of conversation while walking, they overtook me since they were in rush. When I knew there was no place to eat after Nauli (before Maure Lagna),I ate lunch there and climb up again and follow straight way along the pastureland to reach Chotro.It took me 2.5 hours to reach Nauli and 4.5 hours to reach Chotro.




Day 123 : Chotro to Jumla

From Chotro,they trail was easy no climbing up nor steep descend. Walked for 2.5 hours to reachKudigaon leaving Manisangu behind. There I met a boy with dozen of mules and the mules carries goods to different places in west. He offered me help  to carry some of my heavy stuffs which made me very easy to walk to walk with light weight. He is really friendly boy and for sure, helpful.We reached Gothichaur where you  can find Sheep breeding center.Till the lunch would be ready,I visited the breeding center and talked with staffs there.It is under constructions it was destroyed during civil war in Nepal.It was 1.5 hours walk from Kudigaon.Gothichaur is big flat pastureland..its just amazing. Then it was 4.5 hours walk to reach Jumla.



Day 124 : In Jumla

Jumla is trade center for west Nepal especially for hilly and mountain region. In Jumla you can find good hotel and lodges –very good one. Banking facilities, telecommunication, school, college and many other government authorities. Airport in Jumla is the airport in hilly region getting maximum number of flight. However the place looked dirty with plastics thrown everywhere haphazardly.