Day 98 :Tsele

Leaving my heavy bag in Kagbeni, I began to walk towards north of Kagbeni along Kaligandaki gorge. Mostly walking on rocky gorge and sometime right side of under-construction roadside to avoid river crossing. Walking along the gorge in fun and is shortcut trail. In 3.5 hours of walking reached to Chuksang for lunch then 1:15minutes to Tsele. Tsele has some four-guest houses.


Day 99 :Zaite

Walking in and out of big sandy hills and enjoying amazing landscapes of deserted high land, in 2 hours of wonderful walk, I reached to Samar. From Samar, I decided to take trail via Chingsi Gompa (cave monastery).Only dumb misses to witness this monastery. Gompa lies at the altitude of 3500m inside the cave on the lap of red colored sandy hill. Japanese woman and one Nepali guide accompanied me. It was 2 hours walk to the Gompa then climb up for 1 hour through canyon to reach Syangmoche for lunch. Then 1.5 hours walk led us to Zaite.


Day 100 : Tsarang

As I walked to north,this time sight of great Himalayas were moving away.Instead I would witness landscape which I can`t express with words. It was 1:45 minutes to reach Ghami, 1:15 minutes to Chingel and finally 1:15 more to reachTsarang.


Day 101: Lo-manthang

It was the day for me to reach king`s palace in Lo-manthang and I was very excited.I have seen the king in photos and heard lot of about him but never met him so this time beside enjoying nature, my  next target was to meet the king of Mustang. It was 3:45 minutes to walk to reach   Lo-manthang.The same day I couldn’t meet the king, as I had no appointment so I just visited Gompas and small and interesting village , Lo-manthang.


Day 102 : Horse ride to Choser

Actually it was rest day for me but when I came to know about horse riding till Choser to visit cave monasteries around, I couldn’t resist to go there and hit the trail with horse ride. Usually people can meet king only in evening time so I got appointment for evening time. After 2.5 hours horse ride, reached to Choser and began visit monasteries. For foreigners it can be expensive to visit all monasteries as each monastery charge NRs.200 per person as entry fee. But for me being Nepali,I didn’t have to pay at all. After wonderful day trip, around 4:30pm I met the king, I was very happy to see him but we couldn’t talk more as he was bit sick.


Day 103 : Lomanthang-Ghar Gumpa –Ghami

It was time for me to return to Kagbeni, I didn’t want to go back through same way so I decided to go via Ghar Gumpa.Following the pastureland and breathtaking landscapes, and in 3.5 hours I reached to Ghar Gumpa. Then finally after 2:45 minutes I reached to Ghami.


Day 104-105 Ghami to Kagbeni

Following the same route I reached to Syanmoche and from there I decided to go through trail via Bhenna (avoiding same trail via Chingsi Gompa) and reach to Samar after 5:15 minutes excluding lunch and regular break duration.I spent a night in Samar.

Next day following same route (Tsele and Chuksang) in 5 hours reached to Kagbeni.There ended my wonderful Mustang journey.

mustang-thenomadicnepali9Catch you soon 🙂